“Americas most easterly observatory”



Welcome to the SAWYER  OBSERVATORY home page. The observatory is located in Pembroke Maine and is a frequent location for the Downeast Amateur Astonomers club meetings. Call or e-mail for viewing at  or csawyer7@roadrunner.com

 America's most easterly observatory uses several different types of telescopes including these reflectors and refractors.


The Observatories 5 inch f5 and 6 inch f8 refrators ready for viewing.






 Charlie Sawyer with C8 for CCD work.

SAWYER OBSERVATORY'S C8 telescopes for viewing and CCD imaging.

Joe Rosebush in the observatory's imaging room with a CCD image of the Orion Nebula M42. 

Kelly Sawyer with 8 f6 newtonian reflector at SAWYER  OBSERVATORY. 

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